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  • Pregnancy Care
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  • Diabetes in Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy After Loss


Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for choosing Evelyn & Rose Women’s Health to be a part of your amazing journey into parenthood. 

Dr Suvi will care for you and your family during pregnancy and in the post-natal . 

Dr Suvi understands that pregnancy and childbirth is a very special personal moment in life and can be associated with a plethora of emotions and expectations. Dr Suvi’s aim is to provide an exceptional standard of supportive personalised holistic care focusing on yourself and your family whilst preparing for the safe arrival of your baby. 

Dr Suvi Aims to be at the Birth of every woman that she has the privilege of caring for.   

Preconception Care

Chronic medical conditions can impact on pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Dr Suvi Hyytinen is able to provide a tailored management plan for medical disorders in pregnancy. Preconception consultations are available. Preconception planning ensures that the disease is stable and medications are optimised for pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care

The care of women and families during pregnancy should focus on emotional and physical preparation for birth and parenthood. Dr Suvi Hyytinen offers a flexible and patient centred model of antenatal care. Her care may include home visits for routine antenatal checks as well as postnatal follow up in the home including lactation support. Contact our rooms for more information on the antenatal care options available at Evelyn and Rose.


Preparing for the birth of your baby is an exciting time. You will be provided with education and opportunities to discuss your questions regarding birth during your pregnancy care. Dr Suvi aims to be at the birth of all of the women that she cares for.

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Optimal management of diabetes in pregnancy begins in the months before pregnancy. Dr Suvi Hyytinen is able to provide detailed pre-pregnancy care for women with Type I and Type II diabetes. Diabetes in pregnancy requires a multidisciplinary approach and care by a team including an Obstetrician, Endocrinologist (Diabetes specialist), Diabetes educator and Dietician. Evelyn and Rose Women’s Health works in partnership with a specialist diabetes team during pregnancy 

Pregnancy After Loss

Women and couples who have experienced losses such as stillbirth and recurrent miscarriage walk a different road during pregnancy. As such, they require specialised assessment, planning and supportive care from preconception and during very early pregnancy. Our specialists are able to provide supportive care from preconception to birth in these challenging pregnancies in partnership with our midwife and an experienced counsellor in reproductive loss.

Download your Pregnancy Diary

Navigating through your pregnancy with a week by week guide.



Where will I give birth?

Dr Suvi delivers exclusively at the North West Private Hospital located at 137 Flockton Street Everton Park 4053


When do I make my first appointment?

Stevie or Dr Suvi will see you for your booking visit around 8-10 weeks to ensure that all the appropriate tests have been performed.

What to expect at my first Antenatal visit with Dr Suvi?

Your first antenatal visit will take around 60minutes and involve a comprehensive medical assessment and individualised management plan for your pregnancy.



When to seek advice?

 Please contact the Cairns Private Birth Suite immediately on  (07) 3246 3133or My Rooms 1300 076732 if you experience the following:

  1. Vaginal bleeding 
  2. Severe abdominal pain where it  seems as though the uterus is not relaxing
  3. Leakage of fluid
  4. High fever
  5. Severe headache
  6. Decreased Fetal movements


Telephone advice and counselling

Please call us on 13000 ROSE2 for any concern as no question is trivial.


Thank you

Once again I would like to thank you for allowing Evelyn and Rose to be apart of your special pregnancy journey. We are here to support your decision making within the safety or current obstetric recommendations.